12 emerging startups in Chennai
which escort potential of growth

Startups are the emerging trends in the present market scenario. Indian is the one of the countries where startups have a huge potential to grow at its best. The startups have the capabilities to make individuals a job provider instead of job seekers. The government of India takes huge immense hands to build a variety of startups. The “Make In India”  is an enormous opportunity which has been initiated by the Modi government in the year of 2014. This program has created a tremendous change among some very idealistic entrepreneurs. Currently India stands in the position of 3rd among all other countries for world largest ecosystem. Only in the year of 2018 there were 50000 startups which have incorporated in India. Which makes India a leading startup encouraging country among the world. 

Chennai is the one of the cities in India where the startups have the huge growth capabilities as it is the one of the leading metropolitan cities. Chennai is one of the urban areas in India with the most talented and skilled individuals. Despite being an underrated region due to the modest background of investors and entrepreneurs, the city has been changing many heads in recent years for creating online markets such as Freshdesk and Indix, which have made their presence in the international market. Chennai city has become a hotspot for the emerging startups.

Some of the startups which have grown recently are as follows:-


Animaker is a cloud-based video and animation software first launched in an open beta version in 2014. In February 2015 the product was officially launched dependent on a freemium model that permitted clients a free account alternative. The software gives online devices to make and edit video animations. The software was created by Animaker, Inc, a video-based SaaS organization established by RS Raghavan. Animaker is one of the quickest developing software companies for content creation. They cater to the demands of businesses that are looking forward to visual marketing.

BharatMarimony is the main web based matchmaking service and the leader brand of Ltd, India’s first consumer internet company to be listed on the stock exchange. It’s the Most Trust Matrimony Brand Online according to the Brand Trust Report 2014. Bharat Matrimony is the pioneer in matrimony services and has redefined the way people get married. Powered by a regional network of portals in 17 languages, it touches the lives of millions worldwide. It has received the Limca books of world record for recording the most number of documented marriages online. BharatMatrimony has been ranked India’s most trusted matrimony brand by Brand Trust Report 2014.

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Vivriti Capital is India’s first technology-enabled commercial center that unites capital business sector investors with institutions, little ventures, and people.It started with a mission to offer efficient and customized financial solutions to individuals, enterprises, and institutions. The company was Established by Gaurav Kumar in 2017. Vivriti Capital helps SMEs, individuals, and corporates with debt financing. Their range of products includes working capital, loans, structured debts, receivables finance, and capital market instruments.

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ThoughtBit organization is a young technology firm established in 2017 with an emphasis on Enterprise Software. Founders of the organization get over fifty years of Information Technology expertise, having worked in different parts with driving IT firms serving top-level business aggregates across the globe.

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Intain is building Intelligent Blockchains for transparency and efficiency in capital market transactions, with initial focus on asset-backed investments. The company was founded by Siddhartha  in 2018. They combine AI with Blockchain to offer types of assistance like Asset Securitization and Asset Value Blockchain.  It is a 40 member team and is already doing quite well.

AI Enabled Automobile Servicing Platform GoBumpr Raised 600K In Pre Series A Funding

GoBumpr provides an end-to-end platform proposed to offer car and bike maintenance assistance services. The company offers vehicle and bicycle fixing support administrations, 24×7 vehicle breakdown help, and petrol pump finder, enabling car and bike owners to maintain their vehicles.

netmeds is a completely authorized e-pharma portal that offers authenticated prescription and Over Counter medication along with other health products. Netmeds is the first organization to offer a whole over India with the quick online purchase and fast delivery of prescription medications and has served more than 5.7 million customers in more than 670 cities and towns. Netmed was founded in the year 2015 by Pradeep Dadha.


BigFday is an event management services company. They take services like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and even corporate meetings. It assists professional planners with the prerequisites to host the event. The company was founded by Utkarsh Singhania in 2017. Now BigFDay is one of the leading companies which provides the event management services.


Pipe candy is a E-commerce based market intelligence company. Where the company tracks mid-market and enterprise eCommerce companies and using predictive analytics, predicts inflection points in these businesses. The company was jointly founded by Ashwinb Ramaswamy, Murali Vivekananda and Shrikanth Jagannathan in the year 2016.


Wandertrails is an online website that caters to the traveling needs of people that are looking for some adventure. It lets you indulge in adventurous activities and in experimental stays. Narayan Menon, Vishnu Menon, Sruti Chander, Pranav Kumar and Hari Nair are the founders of the company founded in the year 2016.


Lawbot is a legal platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze contracts. Customers can obtain legal AI through contract investigation. The company was founded by Manasvini Krishna in the year 2016,

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KobZo is a  digital solution for procurement, employee welfare, and a smart workplace. It helps corporate buyers, retailers, SMEs, home offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. to meet organizational goals smoothly and continuously, with efficiency. KobZo is a  digital solution for procurement, employee welfare, and a smart workplace. It helps corporate buyers, retailers, SMEs, home offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. to meet organizational goals smoothly and continuously, with efficiency Kobzo’s digital procurement solution authorizes businesses by ensuring Direct and Indirect Savings, Supplier Discovery, Instant Quotes, Quick and Informed Purchase Decisions, Market Intelligence, and Lean Procurement Operations. Founded jointly by Mohan Gayam, Vineet Neeraj and Karthik Ramaiah in 2012.

Theses are some of the emerging startup in Chennai

Chennai is the one of the cities with a huge potential for growth. The city has a good number of investors and well surfaced startups coming up. Compared to other cities in India Chennai is very much cost effective for the people to start a venture or any other companies. The government of Tamil nadu is also very much in support for the development of the startups and many technological and innovatives enterprises, it is said that about 45000 crores of rupees is in the pipeline which will be completely utilized for the development of the startups in the state of Tamil nadu and the development of startup ecosystem in cities like chennai.