How To Get Funding For A Startup In India

Funding is the most essential thing which is required by startups as it is a very difficult procedure to attain funds. Most of the startup fails in India is because of lacking adequate funds for the operation.  But now is the best time to get the required funds as the government is Indian is promoting a Startup ecosystem among the nation. Funding, as well as fundraising, is the modern language of the startups that will lead to their growth.

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Some of the funding categories which the startups can get are as follows 


This is the fund where the entrepreneur himself raises the fund from his side. It is also known as bootstrap funding. In this funding, the startups will have their ideas as well as the freedom to make the suitable decision that they feel is correct. Bootstrapping is a great idea for startup funding especially if the initial business requirement is small. It likewise gives you the opportunity of working for yourself. You’re not liable to anybody and it permits you to watch out for the revenue profit also.


The idea of crowdfunding is very like mutual funds on an essential level. In this alternative, more than one investor is included and they offer a fixed amount of cash according to your business idea, what is the business goal, what and how is the plan of action of the particular business, and plans of making a  good amount of profit. All you require to have are individuals who have confidence in your business idea. Crowdfunding helps you to gain an ideal position for the company. There is no particular person from where we can gather funds we can collect from any possible media such as friends, the family also from the entrepreneur who likes your idea of business to earnings growth.

Venture Funding

Venture funding in essence providing funds for the young idealistic entrepreneur for the business ideas is of very huge future growth potential. A venture capitalist who is of High net worth individuals or company will be investing in your business by understanding the future growth. Venture capitalists invest in equity and once the business releases its IPO or is acquired, they leave.  A proper business plan and financial projections are required for attaining funds for the startups.

Angel investments

There are people with surplus money searching for putting resources into promising new businesses and acquire their offer once it develops to its latent capacity. They can either work alone or all things considered in an organization to screen new businesses with huge potential. This funding alternative has business minds hoping to procure interest out of your prosperity and they may expect as high as 30% equity too.

Bank loans

For the youthful startups in India, the public authority is giving numerous loans which advantage the business visionary to build up their business. There are good numerous benefits for the entrepreneur by taking such loans which are provided by the government. 

Modi government is giving the startups in India huge benefits like providing a good amount of bank loans to the emerging and visionary startups. Some of the bank loans provided to the startup for their development are as follows 

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY)

MUDRA gives refinance supports to banks/Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) for loaning to micro units that have credit necessities of up to INR 10 Lakh. As per ongoing media reports, in the financial year 2017-18, by and large, business loans worth INR 2.54 Lakh Cr have named Mudra loans, an increment of 41% from INR 1.80 Lakh Cr loans authorized in this class. All kinds of manufacturing, trading, and service sector activities can get a MUDRA loan.

Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS)

The Credit Guarantee Scheme was dispatched by the government to fortify the credit delivery system and to encourage the progression of credit to the MSME area. The lending institutions under this scheme incorporate public, private, and unfamiliar banks, alongside regional rural banks.

Standup India

This plan by the Indian government encourages bank advances between INR 10 Lakh and INR 1 Cr to at any rate one SC or ST borrower and in any event one woman borrower per bank branch, for setting up a greenfield enterprise. Up until this point, 3457 online business advances for startups have been sanctioned through the Standup India platform. Undertakings in trading, manufacturing, or services. On account of non-individual enterprises, in any event, 51% of the shareholding and controlling stake ought to be held by an SC/ST or woman entrepreneur. The borrower ought not to be in default with any bank or financial institution.

SIDBI Make in India Soft Loan Fund for MSMEs (SMILE)

The point of this plan is to give delicate advances, in the idea of semi equity, and term advances on a generally delicate footing to MSMEs to meet the necessary debt-equity ratio for the foundation of new MSMEs and to empower the development for existing ones. New enterprises in manufacturing too as the administration area can apply for this plan. Existing enterprises undertaking expansion, modernization, technology upgrades, or different ventures for developing their business will likewise be covered.

Bank Credit Facilitation Scheme

Headed by the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), this plan is focused on meeting the credit needs of the MSME units. The NSIC has joined forces with different banks to give advances to the MSME units. The reimbursement residency of the plan ranges between 5 years and 7 years however in unique cases, it tends to be reached out as long as 11 years.