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Mudit Mandwate
Gaurav Parchani

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More about Dozee..

Dozee, is a contactless health monitoring device that tracks your sleep patterns, heart rate, respiration, stress levels, and more with medical-grade accuracy.

Dozee founded by IIT Bombay alumni Mudit Dandwate has worked with Global technology firm Altair prior to setting up Dozee and IIT Indore alumni Gaurav Parchani has worked at Altair.

Dozee comes with a thin sensor sheet, a small module, and a smartphone app. Place the sensor sheet below the mattress and connect with the smartphone. Every night, while you are sleeping Dozee will monitor your Hearth rate, Respiration, and stress levels throughout the night. Dozee app help you to see the summary of your sleep and health.

Dozee works on a technology called Ballisto cardiography (BCG), a non-invasive method that track vibrations from every heartbeat, respiration, and smallest of body movement.

Turtle Shell Technologies PVT.LTD. which operates Dozee has raised Rs. 12.5 Crore in funding led by prime venture partners, Your Nest Venture Capital, and 3one4 Capital. The company will be utilising the funds to expand into newer markets, enhance its product capabilities, complete FDA and other global certifications, as well as enhance the user experience for both physicians and patients.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, over 1200 Dozees have been deployed in over 20 quarantine centres across eight states. Dozee monitored over 4000 patients and saved more than 6000 nursing hours in the process.