Appendix & what to include?

This section intends to support and add credibility to the rest of the document. It should also contain any document supporting the claims in your plan, such as patents, store designs, partnership agreements, employee contracts etc. In addition to this, it also contains full financial forecasts(Projected Income Statement, Projected Balance sheet and Projected Cashflow Statement.)

For products/services/revenues and gross profits, assumptions need to be specified like;

  • What is the expected sales growth?
  • What is the average price the company will charge per product/service unit sold?
  • How much the company expects to raise its prices by each year?
  • How much does it cost to produce or deliver each unit sold?

Further for company costs, the following assumptions should be included;

  • Salary details and annual growth rate in it
  • Monthly marketing expenses and growth rates
  • Rent and utility expenses
  • Insurance expenses
  • Office supplies expenses 
  • Other expenses.