Every startup's goal is not to run out of money. Realistic revenue and cash flow planning using market data/key competitor metrics are very important. A solid Financial Modelling allows you to calculate your runway and cash flow planning to estimate how fast you can scale, deploy and fundraise
your startup.

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Our financial model capabilities

Startups needs deep financial insights to be prepared for funding

We forecast the future revenue and cash-flow using market research, competitor metrics and ratio analysis.

We deliver updated excel sheets with equations for easy understanding and iterations.

Cashflow planning to estimate fundraising, valuation metrics, equity dilution and exit plans.

Our sheets can support "n" number of startup revenue models and equations to update.

Plan your KPIs and pricing metrics based on competition and cash flow planning.

We develop and validate IRR, NPV, DCF, WACC and more for due diligence and fundraising.

What is Financial Modelling?

A Financial Modelling is a research-driven report of a startups growth and revenue metrics. A solid financial modelling helps a startup track gross and net margin KPIs and forecast future performance based on critical metrics such as unit economics, market fit, competitor metrics and projected valuation. The Financial Model is a fundamental tool business and fundraising decisions for startup founders and small business owners.

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Scaalex brings fundraising insights to you, from profit & loss to cash flow planning. Build a robust financial model to make strategic fundraising decisions that impact your startup growth.

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