Due diligence is a crucial part of every M&A and Fundraising. Scaalex provides the services you need to make an intelligent decision for your business

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Why Do You NEED US

Identifying the potential risk associated with future investment

Analysis of the business structure, market, supplier and customers

Assessment of the company's strategy

Assessment of target company's financial statements, metrics, and projections of its future performance

Understanding the strategic fit between the company and the buyer

How do We help?

Due diligence looks into all aspects of an acquisition. The procedure is the same regardless of deal size, type, or level of risk.

It's necessary to comply with all the regulations that keep increasing. As we evaluate the goals of the project, you will gain knowledge of what requirements you need to match.

Our team of experts examines your financial and legal documents to ensure the transactions are performed successfully. Our analysts look for errors by running thorough risk analyses to spot issues and address them quickly.

Using data collected, our specialists determine whether a prospect is creditworthy or not. Information is processed to ensure that there are no potential risks involved.

A rigorous assessment of the risks due to internal factors is performed. Risks are identified and mitigated through thorough assessment and validation procedures

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Scaalex brings fundraising insights to you, from profit & loss to cash flow planning. Build a robust financial model to make strategic fundraising decisions that impact your startup growth.

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