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Business plan



What is Business Plan A business plan is a standardized written document outlining the company's organizational, financial, and operating framework.…

Image of startup due diligence


What Every Startup Needs to Know About Due Diligence

Understanding Due Diligence Introduction It is common for most startups to suffer some kind of funding issues, but this does…

Image shows business cash burn / high burn rate


Burn Rate: Explained

What is Burn Rate? Burn Rate is a financial metric that indicates the rate at which a company, typically a…


Customer Concentration

What is Customer Concentration? Customer concentration, also known as client concentration, is a measure of how a business's revenue is…

startup getting funds


How To Get Funding For Startup In India

Funding For Startups Introduction Funding is the most essential thing required by startups as it is a very difficult procedure…

Image of an angel investor


How To Approach Angel Investors

Approaching Angel Investors Who Are Angel Investors? An angel investor is a person who invests money in new or small…

Business people raising funds for their startup with financial modeling


How Financial Modeling Can Help Your Startup Get the Funding It Needs

‍Financial Model For Fundraising As a startup founder, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is securing funding to turn…

Business professionals working on financial modeling


How Financial Modeling Can Help Your Startup Avoid Common Pitfalls

Financial Modelling For Startup Start-ups face countless hurdles that they need to overcome to succeed in their domain. A crucial…

Businessmen working on laptops for their startup and analyzing business valuation


Post Money vs Pre Money: Decoding the Key Differences for a Successful Investment Strategy

Post Money Vs Pre Money Valuation Introduction Understanding the concepts of pre-money and post-money valuations is crucial for entrepreneurs and…

Image showing founder and businessmen doing market research


The Role of Market Research in Developing a Business Plan

Importance Of Market Research In Business Plan Introduction Market research in developing a successful business plan is imperative for the…

Image shows people tracking SaaS Metrics


10 SaaS Metrics Every Startup Should Track

Key SaaS Metrics For Startup What are Saas Metrics? SaaS metrics are key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to SaaS businesses. These…

Startup valuation


Understanding Startup Valuation – An In-Depth Guide

Understanding Startup Valuation Introduction As an entrepreneur or investor, startup valuation is one of the most critical aspects to consider…

Group of people reading books related to startups



Books For Startups Introduction Starting a business is a challenging task for entrepreneurs/founders. An entrepreneur who is preparing to launch…

Image showing an illustartion of Debt to equity ratio


Understanding Debt to Equity Ratio: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Debt to Equity Ratio Debt to Equity Ratio is one of the key financial metrics for startups. In…

Images showing women working on her business, revenues growing


Startup Cash Flow – How It Works, Types, Importance, And More

Understanding Startup Cashflow Introduction Cash flow is the lifeline of any business, especially for startups that are still testing the…

Raising seed fund for startup


How to get Seed Funding: An In-Depth Guide

Startup Seed Funding Introduction Seed funding is a crucial stage of a startup's development, providing the necessary capital to bring…

Founder tracking startup metrics


5 Key Financial Metrics Every Startup Founder Needs To Track

Key Financial Metrics As a startup founder, you may be familiar with the basics of business finances and financial metrics…

Silicon Valley Bank Logo


Silicon Valley Bank Collapse – Explained

SVB Collapse What was Silicon Valley Bank ? Silicon Valley Bank is a state-chartered commercial bank headquartered in Santa Clara, California,…

Financial forecast being conducted by an individual


What is Strategic Forecast?

Understanding Strategic Forecasting Introduction Financial forecasting is an important part of financial planning and budgeting. It is the process of…

Image of Union Budget 2023-24 logo


Union Budget 2023 – Highlights

Union Budget 2023 Introduction The Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharam, presented the Union Budget 2023-24 in Parliament…

embedded finance


What Is Embedded Finance?

Understanding Embedded Finance What is Embedded Finance? Embedded finance is a fintech sub-sector and the term refers to integration of…

startup Saas softwares


Top 10 Latest SaaS Products for Startups

Latest SaaS Tools For Startup As a startup or small business, staying on top of the latest technology trends is…

Kerala Startup Ecosystem logo


Kerala Startup Ecosystem

Kerala Startup Ecosystem What is a Startup Ecosystem? Startup ecosystems are networks of resources intended to foster innovations through startups.…

Crypto currency Insurance logo


Cryptocurrency Insurance

What is Cryptocurrency Insurance? Crypto insurance secures the losses associated with cyber security breaches. Most cryptocurrency transactions contribute at least…

People working on business and tech


2022 Year In Review -Themes & Events That Defined Business & Tech World

2022 Year In Review 2022 is coming to an end, and the Business & Tech world witnessed a lot of…

ChatGPT logo


ChatGPT and its Amazing Features Explained in Simple Words 

OpenAI's ChatGPT You must have heard about the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence tool that accomplishes various tasks commanded by users. Let's…

tokenomics logo



What is Tokenomics? Tokenomics is an important concept within the cryptocurrency space that has seen rapid growth in the last…

Investment Banking illustration


International Investment Banks In India

International Investment Banks India What is an Investment Bank? An investment bank is a financial service provider that serves as…

Financial modelling illustration


What is Financial Modelling

What is a Financial Model? A startup financial model is the numerical representation of a startup's goals. And the process…

People analyzing financial metrics


EBITDA – Formula, Calculation, Use Cases Explained

Introduction To EBITDA EBITA EBITA simply means Earnings Before interest, taxes, and amortization. Investors commonly use this acronym to measure…

Business plan template


Business Plan Template

What is a Business Plan Template? A business plan template is a standardized document that helps a business planner to…

Payment gateway illustration


10 Emerging Payment Gateways For Startups

Payment Gateways For Startups Introduction Online payments have become a part of our daily transactions in no time. India has…

Image showing an illustration of CRM software



Best CRM Softwares For Startup What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is one of the first…

Online food ordering through phone - Food startup



Food Startups In India The food sector never goes out of style as everybody needs to eat multiple times a…

leading Delhi startup



Leading Delhi Startups Introduction The Capital of India, Delhi, is a city of people having contented hearts and lively nature.…

investment bank and a women working there



Investment Banks In India Investment Bank is a financial organizations that helps individuals, entities, or governments to raise capital and…

Viability Gap Funding



Understanding Viability Gap Funding Introduction Lack of finance is the main limitation in the infrastructural sector in India. The Government…

Startup tools


12 Major Free Tools For Startups

Best Free Startup Tools Whenever an aspiring startup decides to start a business, the first concern that comes to his…

Image showing investors


3 Types Of Investors: Pre, Passive And Active Investors

Different Types Of Investors An investor is a person or an entity that invests capital that many startups need. Investors…

Medical professional


Rising Medical Startups In India

Medical Startups In India India is one of the countries that has many medical startups with advanced healthcare facilities. The…

Image of investors, money, startup


How To Attract Investors?

Attracting Investors To Your Startup Introduction An investor is anyone who invests money with the expectation of profit. He could…

Image of people providing loans


Collateral Free Loans For Startups

Startup Collateral Free Loans What is Collateral Free Loan? Collateral free loans (also known as Unsecured loans) are funding where…

Image of an enterprenuer, laptop and a rocket indicating a startup


6 Types of Startups In India

Introduction A startup is a newly formed entity that offers specific products or services to the market. In other words,…

Image of investors



Types Of Investors Introduction An investor contributes money to a business with the expectation of receiving a financial return. The…

People working on laptop for their startup


How To Validate Your Startup Idea Before Launching Your Online Business

Validating Your Startup Before Launch If you are going to launch a new business, one of the first steps in…

Working on social media


How to Build Your Company’s Social Media Campaign

Building a Startup Social Media Campaign Introduction Social Media Marketing has become a mandatory tool for companies looking to compete…

scaalex subscription business


How to Start a Subscription Business: Seven Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Starting a Subscription Business Introduction In the contemporary era of digital advancements, subscription-based enterprises have witnessed a notable surge in…

Image showing two startup founder


Startup Founders: 10 Tips for Finding a Co-Founder

Finding A Startup Co-Founder Finding a co-founder for startups can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, many businesses that get started…

Image of investors analyze graph


How to use Equity Capital Wisely?

Equity Capital Equity Capital is also known as partnership equity or joint venture equity. In business, equity means ownership of…

Image of startup founders with a startup idea


Validate Your Startup Idea – How to Do it Right

How To Validate Your Startup Idea When a new entrepreneur is looking for ideas on how to validate his startup…

Image of shares graph


Equity Shares Investing 101 – Understanding the Basics of Equity Shares

What is Equity Shares Investing? Introduction Equity shares are the most common type of equity in India. Equity shares, also…

10 Startup Trends for 2022


Top startup trends to watch in 2023

Introduction In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business world, startups are more important than ever. Innovative, agile startup companies are disrupting established industries,…

Startup founder receiving finance


Techniques for Getting More Financing From VCs

How To Get VC Funding Here is a look at the ways that private venture capitalists fund various businesses. Many…

Image showing customers of a business


How to Get Your First 10 Customers

Introduction Starting a new business is an exciting endeavour, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges, one…

Image of individual building a business plan


How To Improve Your Business Plan

Business Plan Improvement Tips Introduction If you are looking for tips to help you improve your business plan, then this…

Startup founder building a vision board for his startup


How To Create A Vision Board That Works For Your Startup

Creating A Startup Vision Board So, you want to start a business but need to know how to do it.…

Image of people building startup business


The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Business

Building a Profitable Business Introduction Want to know how to build a profitable business? If your answer is yes, then…

Best time to launch a startup


When is the Best Time to Launch a Startup?

Best Time To Launch a Startup Introduction Launching a startup is a thrilling and daunting endeavor. Success often hinges on…

individual coming up with different business idea


How to Choose the Right Business Idea For You

Introduction Are you tired of working for someone else and ready to become your boss? Starting a business can be…

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