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If you’re going to launch a new business, one of the first steps in the process is getting a startup idea validated. Before you do, you need to get a clear understanding of exactly what you’re doing and what problems your new business will have to face. For this reason, you should really only consider launching your business based upon an idea that you can truly overcome. Some people often start with the wrong concept or problem statement and simply look for a business idea that can solve that particular problem. Here’s an easy way to do it…

The first thing you need to do when researching your startup idea is to make a list of all the things that could be the challenges faced by your business. Once you’ve listed everything, make a list of the most important characteristics that you would like to include on your business’ cards. Then, check the list against each of the top tier one problems that you identified earlier. You may find that the social media cards you’re building won’t be able to address the top tier one problems that you identified.

The next step is to use quantitative measurements in order to validate your startup idea. When you are evaluating your idea, think about whether or not you will have enough data from which to work. If you have no knowledge in the area of social media, at least make sure that you do know the conversion rates on the different social networks. If you do have experience, consider using some qualitative coding techniques to make your landing page more interesting and compelling.

The final step to validating your startup idea is to build a wireframe. This consists of creating visual representations of your business’s target market, product, and sales process. Wireframes should be easy for a website designer to understand. If a website designer isn’t able to follow the layout and navigation of your wireframe, he/she will need to ask for a re-design.

Now that you’ve done your analysis and a wireframe has been put together, you will need to go back and validate that your ideas are profitable. Your goal with this step is to identify if you are solving a problem or attempting to sell a service. In order to successfully solve a problem you must identify and solve the problem. Selling a service requires you to identify, as well as, potential buyers.

Another important part of a startup validation exercise is to go-to-market strategy planning. By doing this, you will be laying out a plan to generate leads and convert them into customers. This strategy planning may include pricing, branding, a logo, and/or a sales copy for your landing page.

The last thing to do, at the end of the testing and wireframe, is to go-to-market planning. In this step, you will be setting goals and determining if your concept is actually solvable. If it is, you can then develop your landing page and start converting traffic into customers. At this point, you can begin increasing the monetary figure you are hoping to raise, starting with the budget for your web design and development company.

By completing these steps, you can validate your startup idea. This will give you a greater chance to find problems and fix them before launching your product. The more problems you identify early on, the better the odds are that your idea will not only be profitable but also a huge success. These are just a few tips to help you get started on validating your landing page and pre-launch landing page.

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