Scaalex offers a unique value proposition with our business valuation services. We research the market and give you an impartial, independent, transparent, accurate, and confident valuation of your business.

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When Do You Need Valuation

A business valuation is the most accurate way to determine the value of a business. A company valuation considers everything from historical information to industry trends It may be used to inform investment decisions or help you decide whether to sell your company. Scaalex is a group of valuation professionals, Devoted to helping your company seek acquisitions and investments. Our team has completed many business valuations so rest assured that you'll get unbiased market data.

We Mix & Match Methods To Arrive At A Agreeable Number

Venture Capital Method

Berkus Method

Scorecard Valuation Method

Risk Factor Summation Method

Cost-to Duplicate Method

Discounted Cash Flow Method

Valuation By Stage Method

Comparable Method

First Chicago Method

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