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Investment Bank is a financial institution that helps individuals, entities, or governments raise capital and provide financial consultancy services. They act as an intermediary between investors and companies/startups. An investment banker assists startups in raising funds to start their business and helps investors find opportunities for investment simultaneously. Apart from finding capital, it supports startups in preparing business plans and pitch decks and entering the gateway of the capital market. Let’s look at the top investment banking companies in India:

1. Axis Capital Limited:

Axis capital limited is one of the leading investment banks and equity houses in India. Earlier it was formerly known as Erstwhile Enam Securities Private Limited. Founded in 2005, and its headquarters in Mumbai. It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axis bank(the largest private sector bank). It aims to provide focused and customized solutions in institutional equities and investment banking areas. It offers companies, investors, and government entities a wide range of financial services in Private Equity, Equity Capital Markets, Merger, and acquisitions, Institutional equities. Additionally, it extends its services through subsidiaries and branch networks in Singapore, the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and  Europe. The vision is to emerge as the most trusted solution provider, expand their geographical reach, and be a leader of tomorrow’s India by revenue, market share, and profitability. The authorized and paid-up capital of the company stands at 17,500 lakhs and 7,350 lakhs, respectively.

2. Avendus Capital:

Avendus Capital is a leading financial service company that offers tailor-made solutions to asset management, wealth management, credit transactions, and investment banking—founded in 1999 with its headquarters in Mumbai. Avendus brings together ideas, innovation, and people to help high-performing entrepreneurs, wealth creators, leaders of the new-age economy to accomplish their dreams. The firm also provides strategic advice and Merger and acquisition advisory services to large global organizations. The wholly-owned subsidiaries of Avendus capital include Avendus Capital Incorporation and Avendus Capital Private Limited, located in New York and London, respectively.

3. Edelweiss Financial Services Limited (EFSL):

Edelweiss Financial Service Limited was a part of Edelweiss Group, founded by Rashesh Shah and Venkat Ramaswami in 1995. India’s leading financial service companies, Edelweiss, provide a spectrum of financial services to a substantial client base, including corporations, institutions, and individuals. They provide various assistance, including credit facilities, franchise and advisory business (Asset Management, Wealth Management, and Capital markets), and Insurance (General and Life Insurance). Credit facilities comprise both retail and corporate credit business, including SME and business loans, Agri and rural finance, wholesale mortgages, distressed credit. Centrum India and SMC Finance are the main competitors of Edelweiss.

4. JM Finacial Institution Securities:

JM Financial Institution Securities was established in 1998 with its headquarters in Mumbai. They provide all-in-one investment financial services comprising Investment banking, wealth management (fee and fund based activities), Asset management (mutual fund business), Mortgage lending (retail mortgage lending and wholesale mortgage lending), Distressed Credit (Asset reconstruction business). The company works with high net worth individuals, big corporations, and retail investors. They are notable for their private equity services in the business.

5. ICICI Securities Limited(I-Sec):

ICICI Securities Limited is a subsidiary of ICICI Bank Ltd. It began its operations in 1995 with its headquarters in Mumbai.  It is an integrated technology-based firm that conveys advisory services to corporations, financial institutions, and retail investors. Some of the company’s assistance comprises Investment banking, Institutional broking, Retail broking, Wealth management, placement of IPO. The company is the largest e-brokerage business in India. The company offers a spectrum of products and services in derivatives, equities, research, and advisory services, including equity portfolio advisory, financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

6. IDBI Capital:

IDBI Capital was formerly known as IDBI Capital Market Services Limited. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDBI Bank, incorporated in 1993. It is an investment banking company that offers a perfect bundle of services and products, including capital market products, Fund management, Private equity, Underwriting, and debt replacement. They aim to maintain integrity and transparency to guide their vision to have an International presence and work cohesively with passion and commitment towards the benefits of customers they serve.

7. O3 Capital Global Advisory Services:

03 Capital is a mid-market investment bank formed in 1993, specialized in providing strategic and financial advice to the retail, institutional and corporate clients. The company focuses on corporate finance and alternate asset management as its core business. They provide unbiased and tailored solutions to different industrialists, healthcare, life science, and financial services. Avendus Capital is the edge-to-edge competitor of O3 capital.

8. Veda Corporate Advisors:

Veda Corporate Advisors is the largest Chennai-based investment banking firm, founded in 2003. The firm assists clients in mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, venture capital, joint venture, private equity. Further, it serves real estate, health care, media, infrastructure, financial services. The company authorized and paid-up capital stands at 2,50,000 and 1,34,420, respectively.

9. Spark Capital:

Spark Capital-founded in 2001, with its headquarters located in Bangalore. It is one of the prime mid-market investment banks that connect with financial services encompassing Investment Banking, Fixed Income Advisory, Wealth Advisory, and Institutional Equities. Customer satisfaction is the core objective, thereby maintaining a sustainable and long-term relationship with clients. Sectors, where they built considerable transaction experience, are fintech, healthcare, commerce, infrastructure, and media. Spark Capital managed to be on the League table all time.

10. Unitus Capital:

Unitus Capital is the first established Impact-based Investment Banking Company in India. It was founded in 2008, having Bangalore as its Headquarters. It is engaged in services including Private Equity, Corporate Advisory, Debt finance, Structured product. Since its incorporation, it is committed to delivering top-rated capital raising and advisory services to local and international investors to benefit businesses and create a positive impact on society and the environment. Agriculture, education, healthcare, financial inclusion are the sectors where they serviced the most.

11. Mape Advisory Group:

Maps Advisory Group, formed in 2001, is a leading investment bank focused on Private Equity and Merger and Acquisition advisory starting from origination to closure. It has been consistently ranked top 10 investment in India. A team of senior investment bankers founds them to help their clients identify and implement effective transaction strategies. Nevertheless, they work with India’s most prominent industries across Telecom, Technology, Healthcare, financial services, Engineering.

12. Ambit Corporate Finance:

Ambit is one of the premier independent investment banks formed in 2006. It provides capital and financial advice to its clients, say, high net worth individuals, self-employed individuals, corporates, institutions, Small and Medium Enterprises. The firm concentrated on furnishing customized solutions that are appropriate to their client’s needs. It consists of 6 core business groups: Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Equity Capital Market, Institutional Equities and Research, Global Private Clients, and Non-Banking Finance Company.

Investment banks are genuinely the most demanded sector these days because they focus on managing and increasing clients’ financial needs, thereby helping them grow their business. A good investment banker knows the best ways to raise funds by adding more creative ideas to economic models. If you are looking for the best investors for funding your startups -Let’s get connected because” we make startup funding possible”.