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India is one of the countries which is having many medical start ups with advance healthcare facilities. The Indian government is very well performing to achieve a good milestone in front of the world. High-class medical staff with state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical equipment. The government aims to increase the healthcare spending to 2.5% of the GDP by the end of its 12th 5year plan to 3% by 2022. Much of this is through public-private partnerships and using tech to increase the reach and multitude of healthcare services.

Healthcare is possibly the most diverse sector with startups that focus on telemedicine and online pharmacy. Also it includes personal health management, fitness & wellness. Moreover it provides facilities like home healthcare, medical devices, diagnostics, biotech R&D, biopharma, and genomics. For this reason there are about 3000+ medical startups in India which makes the country a leading medical advanced country. 

Some of the leading medicare startups 


It is a startup that was founded in 2013 in Pune. LiveHealth functions as a Management information system mainly for health care providers. From collecting samples, managing patient records, diagnosing them, and generating reports, to billing and inventory its processing very fast. As now they use AI for each step to make smarter and strong. Using AI technology it process a large number of medical records and ERP exchanges. LiveHealth soon plans to help doctors and patients make informed decisions.


Pharmeasy is Indians leading health care delivery platform. It assists patients to connect with nearby drug store and diagnostic centers. Also enable them to order medicines, healthcare products, and diagnostic tests. Also the organization intends to improve the supply chain in the pharmaceutical items by digitizing the process. This Mumbai-based startup has incorporated in the year 2015.


Curefit is a health and fitness company offering digital and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. Mukesh Bansal is the co-founder of CureFit. It was found in the year 2016. Presently Cure.fit has raised over $170 million in its first two years of operations. Curefit is a kind of health fitness tracker where it gives all the information about the workouts and the food we should have.Similarly under CureFit there are many subsidiaries which related to the fitness of the individuals like cultlive, eatfit, carefit, mindfit,  and sports fitness they have introduced cultfit which made them complete health and fitness company.


Lybrate is a medical start up where it shows the nearby doctors and will able to get the doctors to support instantly. This is a Delhi-based startup founded in 2013. It helps patients communicate with a network of doctors. In order to eliminate the practice of chemists and pharmacists prescribing wrong medicines to patients, Lybrate has over 1,00,000 doctors across different specializations connected with its service, providing instant support to patients over the phone or through appointments.


Niramai uses Artificial Intelligence for pain-free breast cancer screening. Detecting breast cancer in its early stage at its beginning phase, Niramai’s screening gadget can identify tumors multiple times less than what a clinical test can get. Moreover the startup uses AI and huge information examination over thermography pictures to develop reliable and low-cost diagnostic methods. This is a medical start-up that set up in 2016 in bengaluru. Niramai is among the leading startups using tech to fight cancer.


Practo is Bengaluru based leading medical start up platform that was founded in 2007  that connects millions of patients with thousands of healthcare providers .Also it helps people make better healthcare decisions. It provides a platform that helps consumers with all their healthcare requirements .It mainly includes finding the healthcare provider to booking an appointment, online doctor consultation, getting their tests done, and even ordering medicines. Practo also makes software products that help healthcare providers ranging from clinics to hospitals digitize and deliver more efficient and higher quality healthcare to millions of patients.


Murgency provides emergency medical service with the help of the app well qualified medical, safety, rescue, and assistance professionals will be giving guidance for the patience. It does the functions of aggregator that bring together various emergency services doctors and other medical attendants also they take care of paramedics, ambulances, and first aid support all in one platform.  On the other hand, clients can call for emergency medical response and assistance just with a single click on the mobile application Up until this point, the application has reacted to more than 3,00,000 emergencies, helping patients during critical hours.

Portea medicals

Firstly Portea Medical, the medical startup was set up by Meena Ganesh and Krishnan Ganesh at Bengaluru. The company offers in-home medical services administrations including physiotherapy, doctor consultation, nursing trained attendant service, medical equipment, and lab tests. Subsequently Portea has headquarter in Bengaluru and serves clients across 16 urban areas in India. Portea has partnered with healthcare providers, including 50 hospitals. This make  Portea one of India’s leading healthcare company.


Advancells is a company on Regenerative Medicine therapeutic applications that focus mainly on research works. Being one of the pioneer Stem Cell Companies in India, this startup initiative was taken in the year 2013. Advancells’s technology is capable of treating various problems like diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, joint inflammation, stroke, and heart sicknesses. Similarly with a team mostly consisting of scientists, Advancells processes the bone marrow/adipose tissue from a patient and separates the stem cells. This Noida based startup has started in 2013 by an entrepreneur Vipul Jain

Forus Health

Forus Health is focusing on curing preventable blindness and make screening for common eye problems affordable. There are 40 million individuals who are blind globally, and from that15 million live in India. The high rate of blindness in India is because of a mix of some issues, yet for the most part because of mostly due to limited access to eye care facilities, high cost of treatment, surgery, and lack of awareness. With more than 1,300 establishments across 26 countries, the Bengaluru-based startup has affected more than 2 million lives positively. Their most advanced innovation targets identifying Retinopathy of rashness (ROP), a sickness that prompts visual deficiency among premature children, due to excess oxygen or the effect of drugs used to save them.


Adresshelth provides primary pediatric healthcare services to schoolchildren. children undergo screening for vision, dental health, hearing,anthropometry, alongside a complete medical examination. AddressHealth is today, India’s largest school health provider. This is a startup that set up in the year 2010(Bengaluru). AddressHealth utilizes tech at each progression to make medical care holistic and affordable for children. The startup has likewise planned educational programs for understudies to ingrain sound practices, both mental and physical, in their early stages.

These are some of the leading Indian medical care startups

The medical startup in India is very much leading. Startups also create a good amount of revenue. During the pandemic, about 4800+ health tech startups have come out with the cutting edge technology to fight these situations such as epidermic as well as pandemic. Indian medical care startups have very sophisticated technologies to understand the problems and act according to the needs of the patients or customers. By 2025 India will be the country with the highest amount of healthcare startups and good technologies.Finding the right tools for launching a start up can be tricky, especially when time and resources are little..Also it is important to make a correct plan that fit your business for high profitability.

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