Best CRM for startups

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is an approach used to manage interactions with current and potential customers. In other words, CRM refers to the combination of business software, strategies, and processes that helps to build long-lasting relationships between companies and it’s customers. This software ensures that every step of the interaction with customers goes evenly and efficiently in order to increase overall sales, customer service, and profitability. The best part about a CRM system is that almost any organizational unit can benefit from it-from sales and customer service to recruiting, marketing, and business development. Good CRM software gives a better way to manage external relationships.

The primary objective of any startup is to grow and develop and in order to fulfill this, you need an effective CRM. Since customers are the lifeblood for the growth of any startup, CRM helps to keep track of all customer purchase and deals and ensures startup has the latest and relevant information about their customers. With the right CRM software, one can analyze data about your potential customers and then use the data to know how to serve your prospects well. In short, a CRM system can give a clear overview of your customers.CRM is one of the first tools that should be implemented in any startup if they need to grow to the next level. Because without CRM, sales will not grow as expected. Storing all customer information in one place, recording service issues, identifying sales opportunities, managing marketing campaigns are some of the capabilities that CRM features.

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Hubspot is the best CRM software created to improve inbound marketing and sales. The tool is free and enables you to manage your social media presence and content, streamline your sales funnels and other digital activities. It is easy to use and scalable so it caters to your business in all growth stages. Hubspot for startups offers a discount of up to 90% for eligible startup ventures. Hubspot CRM is free, so you can get without the overhead. Startups can be able to effectively assign and track leads, record customer interaction, and keep an eye on the sales process. This CRM allows the user to track company profiles and contacts. Hubspot also comes with pipelines, tasks, funnel mappings, company information, and many more.

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Salesforce is one of the biggest and most widely used CRM software by the startups on the market and also a  great marketing tool. It helps the startups to forecast sales, define workflow and approval, and also allows the user to track all customers in one place. Around 150000 startups use salesforce CRM software in order to build a good relationship with customers and grow their business. This CRM software helps to customize and optimize according to the requirements of their business and also helps to track customer journey so that you can tell where your customers react back during the sales process.

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Streak is a great CRM too which directly integrates with Gmail so it automatically captures data from contacts and emails. It is perfect CRM software for startups given that every new business starts out using G-suite for sending documents, emails, etc. Streak helps you to monitor client projects, schedule, sales, send mass emails, and many more. It also enables to organize and manage emails with potential clients which are very beneficial for startups.

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Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM that provides AI-based scoring and features like event tracking,one-click management, and sales management. Freshsales CRM provides end-to-end solutions for sales team by attracting quality leads, nurturing customer relationships, engaging in contextual conversation, and also helps marketing teams to deliver a more personalized customer experience. In short, Freshsales CRM provides an all-in-one solution if you need to build a better partnership between marketing and sales. It has ways to manage leads from ranking them by importance to assigning them to your salespeople to scheduling follow-ups. It also enables you to get leads from emails automatically and also can sort out your own lead scoring criteria.

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Nutshell is a sneaky and affordable CRM which promotes sales automation platform that integrates with dozens of popular business software application. It is a CRM tool that is simple enough for any team and sophisticated enough for any business. Nutshell CRM is designed to help sales teams of all sizes optimize their efforts and focus more of their time on building relationships. With Nutshell, sales reps don’t have to worry about dropping a lead or not knowing which one to focus on. It offers the most advanced pipeline automation tools on the market. In addition to that, Nutshell also offers sales process and collaboration tools, email sync with Gmail and outlook.

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Zoho CRM is easy to use with a simple user interface targeted at startups including social media features, automation, etc. With Zoho CRM, startups can attract and retain customers, distribute personal invitations and undertake Customer Relationship Management at scale. The good thing about Zoho CRM is that it is the best budget-friendly CRM software out there. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and google+ for reaching out and engaging customers at right time. It allows users to effectively coordinate prospect information and offers marketing features to track visitors, lead scoring, sales signals.

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Pipedrive is one of the easy-to-use CRM software for startups. It is a flexible and result-oriented CRM designed to help startups get organized. The key idea behind Pipedrive is the sales pipeline. It focuses on the sales pipeline and activities you need to do next to move your leads through it. Pipedrive customizes data fields and workflow for distinct business processes. It can be accessed 24* 7 from anywhere using any web browser or mobile apps. It provides users with great team collaboration and lead management. Further, pipeline CRM is well-known for being a simple, clean CRM and ideal for companies that do international business as it is available in a range of major and minor currencies.

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Agile CRM is a full-featured sales CRM that offers its free version of up to 10 users. startups can easily attach documents to companies, contacts, deals, and email in-app. It also allows social media integrations to publish and respond to post on social channels. Further, users can track website visitors to analyze customer behavior and providing them deals and offers according to their requirements. This CRM software integrates marketing automation, contact management, email, and real-time alerts, etc. Agile CRM will automate all upcoming voice calls and follow-ups by sticking an appointment calendar online.

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Insightly is a cloud-based, user-friendly CRM platform for tracking contacts, projects, documents, etc in a single interface. It offers great categorization and filtering of data and customizable reporting which means Insightly provides customization options for structuring and assessing data and records of customers which includes capturing customized data, display, and validation. It can be easily integrated with other leading business systems such as Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, Evernote. Insightly CRM software can be assessed on other platforms such as IOS, Android.

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Copper is formerly known as ProsperWorks CRM. Copper is an easy-to-use and comprehensive CRM tool for startups that need a better way to manage leads and grow customer relationships. It is designed to integrate Gmail and other Google apps. You can see information from all your email threads, past interaction all in one place. Copper reminds you to reach out to contacts and follow up deals. It also gains absolute data protection and security control through regular user access review, data encryption, vulnerability testing, etc

One of the biggest challenges for startups is growth. CRM for startups is considered to be a powerful tool that caters to the particular needs of companies in the early stages of growth. CRM stores contacts and centralizes your business processes, so you can start scaling your business. It helps startups to get organized, build strong customer relationships, ensure better collaboration, increase sales and productivity, and so on.CRM integrates all departments that depend on building and nurturing relationships like customer service, sales, marketing, and public relations. The importance of maintaining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cannot be underestimated because, without customers, the startups will not make money, and therefore, cannot exist. So CRM  transforms a startup into a strong, vibrant, and rapidly growing one.