Customer analysis, why it is important and what to include?

This section will give readers insight into the target customers and their tastes and preferences. This is essential because the reader will be keen to know who your target customers are and their needs and wants. Lastly, to know whether the company’s strategy aligns with their preferences. The section should include two subsections;

  • Target customers: Here, the profile of the target customers should be provided. Given below are some of the demographics and psychographic metrics which can be used to describe the target customers mainly for some B2C and B2B companies; a) age, b)income, c) gender, d) location, e) marital status, f) family size g) occupation h) language i) education j) values/beliefs k) business size.
  • Customer’s needs: This section should inform about the needs of the potential customers. Speed, quality, location, reliability, comfort, price, value, customer service, convenience, ease of use etc., are some of the reasons why you might prefer the product/services of a particular company.